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Having been a enthusiastic computer 'nerd' since the age of six, I have followed technologies as they have evolved from simple floppy disk systems in the eighties to the all-in-one smart phones most of us have in our pockets today.

I have over twenty years experience in the I.T. industry and have experience in all areas from front facing customer support to systems design, build and implementation within strict quality standards. Having worked with companies across Europe and Canada, both large and small; I enjoy learning new skills and playing with technology. I find it theraputic having little projects like this site and my blog, as well as making webssits for friends and family.

From my home in the beautiful town of Weymouth, Dorset; I hope to bring my personal touch and enthusiasm to every project I take on. For now I have several family & friends sites that I am working on and am looking into Java programming (my coding experience is a bit out of dat being mostly ANSI C and CoBol!

The Photos on this site are all my own work and more can be seen on my flickr gallery
Rachel's Photo Gallery

Photo of Gull taken by me in Gibraltar

My Interests with Technology

  • I design and build websites along with graphics and designs.
  • Photographic projects - I mainly shoot nature, but I do enjoy people and landscapes occasionally.
  • Linux and Windows Server administration (love tinkering)
  • Graphic Design (logo's, Avatars, letter heads, advertising, etc.)
  • Learning JAVA to write some more useful programs
  • I.T. Consulting (seems I am always in need for my advice and experience).
  • MySQL database - I still enjoy working with SQL
  • Hardware maintenance including building and fixing PC's.
  • Networking both at home and for my family & friends.

My Portfolio

link to http://www.707070.co.uk - local taxi company website

Taxi Firm

link to http://www.economytraveldorset.co.uk - local airport travel website

Economy Travel Dorset
Airport Travel

link to http://www.lesliecottage.co.uk - Holiday Accommodation website

Leslie Cottage
Holiday Accomodation

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Please feel free to drop me a line. Should you wish to enquire about my services,
please tell me as much as you can and I will get in touch.

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